Mother’s Day Gift

documentary portrait of daughters with momWell hey there! So you’re going to book a session for mom, are you? Great idea and thank you! The mom in your life is going to love it. This I know. So let’s get started. Below is my client information form and contract. Please fill out and sign this form and proceed to pay for your session. My sessions are $375 and the $75 credit is already reflected on the payment section of this form.

To book a day that is optimal for you, please feel free to share some dates/times that work best. There is a section for this on the form or you can always call or email me as well. Keep in mind the best time of the day for my sessions is later in the afternoon but that’s with the caveat that your portrait subjects aren’t nappers. If you have a little one still taking napes then the best time of day is Napped-and-snacked-O’clock. I’m sure you’re well aware.

If you would like more information before we connect, my price sheet and session information are linked below. Please do not hesitate to call or email me if you have any questions. You’re going to be somebody’s favorite person for sure after this. And now you’re mine too. Thank you!


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