Trish Reda Captures little bubble moments the best. Mom and baby blowing bubbles inside in black and white

My Mission

Whether it's babies, families, grandparents or high school seniors, my goal is to create heirloom art pieces.  It sounds like a kitschy, marketing term, HEIRLOOM.  Especially when you're perhaps just thinking about your holiday gift list.  I am, however slightly obsessed and I'll take that eye-roll and raise you with that 80's glamour shot you or someone you loved thought was so fantastic at one time. 

This mission is kind of my obsession and it's always with me. It is reflected in the papers and books I have my images printed on.
It is on my mind from the moment we first meet,
first time I take your first photograph. It's buzzing around me as I cull and edit your images.

It drives me to take photographs of my teenager that she'd kill me for taking and it's the regretful suffering I have after when I do the right thing and refrain (sometimes).
Apologies in advance because I will ask you to briefly board my crazy train. My head and my heart are always thinking at least 20 years ahead.  What will be important to you when your kids are grown?

What will you love the most?  What will your grandkids love to see? Which photographs will get replaced and tucked away and which ones will stand the test of time and remain on the walls? Oh, and one of my favorite all-time questions,

"yes, but wouldn't you love to have this photograph of you with your mom?"

My objective obsession is also the best part of my job.  I people watch the heck out of you. I'm a technically skilled photographer, but that's not why you want me. You want me because I read you between the lines and capture these subtle moments unfolding. Moments that you are so close to now, they are easy to miss, but I won't let you. 

The Consultation

When you book your session, I include time for an hour phone consultation.  Even if your preferred mode of communication is Email, I find that a conversation prior to us meeting lends a lot to your session.  I am available to answer any of your questions concerns.  It gives me the opportunity to get to know you and learn a little about your family.  I am very laid back and relaxed and I want you to be relaxed too.  When we speak prior to your session, it lends a lot to that relaxed atmosphere.

The Session

I don't put any time restrictions on your session. However, I have found that I generally get the best images right out of the gate, before the children are "on to me", so to speak.  With older babies and children, I am usually done in or around an hour.

My clients often remark on how quickly I work.  Dad's love me for this because they get back to Football sooner than expected.  I do not, however, leave until I know that I captured everything we will need.  Newborns can often take longer.   

New parents are sometimes more nervous at their sessions because of how many breaks are required for feeding, changing or just a little calming and reassuring.  I don't want parents to feel rushed or stressed.  I'm actually quite happy to sit down and wait for these moments to pass. Even more, I love to photograph them.  You new parents take me back to those fleeting, sleepless days.  I relish them.

the proof presentation

About 2 to 3 weeks after your session, we will meet again for your proof presentation. This meeting is the happy day that you get to view your images.   I bring the proofs to your home and help you narrow your selections down to your absolute favorites and the absolute best. This meeting generally takes about 2 hours.

Along with your proofs, I bring print samples in various sizes and papers along with canvases, my beautiful fine art coffee table albums, and other goodies.  Often one partner or the other chooses to take charge of this appointment, however, often both parents would like to be part of the decision.  It's good to decide this ahead of time so that you can schedule this appointment accordingly.   

Because of the time and individual attention I provide to each of my clients in these meetings,  it is my policy that all orders are to taken at this time.  If for any reason, you cannot place your order this time, you may schedule another meeting for an additional consultation fee.