Trish Reda Captures little bubble moments the best. Mom and baby blowing bubbles inside in black and white

I don’t take your picture

I read you in-between the lines

Whether it's babies, families, grandparents or high school seniors, my goal is to create heirloom art pieces.  It sounds like a kitschy, marketing term, HEIRLOOM.  Especially when you're perhaps just thinking about your holiday gift list.  I am, however slightly obsessed and I'll take that eye-roll and raise you with that 80's glamour shot you or someone you loved thought was so fantastic at one time.  

This mission is kind of my obsession and it's always with me. It is reflected in the papers and books I have my images printed on.
It is on my mind from the moment we first meet, to the first time I take your first photograph. It's buzzing around me as I cull and edit your images.

It drives me to take photographs of my teenager that she'd kill me for taking and it's the regretful suffering I have after when I do the right thing and refrain (sometimes).

Apologies in advance because I will ask you to briefly board my crazy train. My head and my heart are always thinking at least 20 years ahead.  What will be important to you when your kids are grown?

What will you love the most?  What will your grandkids love to see? Which photographs will get replaced and tucked away and which ones will stand the test of time and remain on the walls? Oh, and one of my favorite all time questions,

"yes, but wouldn't you love to have this photograph of you with your mom?"

My objective obsession is also the best part of my job.  I people watch the heck out of you. I'm a technically skilled photographer, but that's not why you want me. You want me because I read you between the lines and capture these subtle moments unfolding. Moments that you are so close to now, they are easy to miss, but I won't let you. 

This is how we do it.

The process

1. We chat

Part of your session is a one-hour phone consultation.   Some clients forego this step because their preferred mode of communication is Email and text,  but I really encourage you to take advantage of it. It gives me the opportunity to get to know you and learn a little about your family ahead of time and it also get's you more acquainted with me, which is really helpful on the day of our session.  My approach is very relaxed and I want you to be relaxed too.  When we speak prior to your session, it helps us both. 

2. We laugh

Sessions are fun!  The most common comment I get is sometimes said with skepticism and other times with a high five.  
"You're done?  That was fast! Fast and painless"
I want to be your kids' best pal for the day.  Quickness isn't me being rushed, it's how I roll.  The element of surprise and playfulness helps to catch everybody a little off guard, which gives everybody less time to "Say Cheese".  My sessions don't come with cheese. 
But I can be chill. Newborns need to be fed and changed or soothed.  Shy kids need a little more time getting to know me before I break out the camera. Often teenagers need to be away from their parents. I'm sensitive to all of this and slow it all down when necessary.  I work quickly, but don't want you to feel rushed. 


3. You might cry

About 2 to 3 weeks after your session, we will meet again for your proof presentation. This is the meeting where you might cry, but for all the right reasons.   I arrive at your door with your proofs and product samples where you finally get to feel all the beautiful paper.  It's overwhelming at first because you want them all but I've become expert in helping you narrow them down to the strongest images.  It never hurts to have an idea in advance about what you would like to do with your photographs.  Fill a wall?  Fill a book?  Gifts?  You may not know until you see the photographs, but all are good things to think about. 
This meeting generally takes about 1.5 to 2 hours. Because of the time and attention I give my clients at this meeting, all orders must be placed at this time.   

Oh so pretty

The goods

Photograph of a #TrishRedaWall

So many choices!  It can be beautiful sparkly Crystal Slab desk frames or your beautiful sparkly crystal USB.  I offer the prettiest pretty gifts for the people you love and the people who love you back.  To boot my holiday cards that give you rave reviews year after year, and still, none of this counts the most important thing. My prints and fine art albums.  Whether your story hangs on your wall or is printed in a book, the paper choices are delicious. Whether you choose 100% cotton, museum quality fine art paper or traditional silver gelatin prints, your images are printed on mediums rated and grated to last generations. 


  • Session fee | $375
  • November 1st - 18th | $425
  • Pricing begins at $90 for an 8x10 classic print

I’ve been waiting my whole life for you!

Have more questions?  Ready to book?  Thinking of excuses so you don't have to be in the photos?  Like cats? I've been waiting for you and I'm so excited to connect!  Phone calls are always welcome too. 

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