happy christmas

winter portraits taken in the snow near los angeles and Mammoth[haiku url=”https://trishreda.com/wp-content/uploads/p3/music/holiday/roothubxmas.mp3″]This is Gracie’s portrait at 10 years old. Her birthday is in the spring time so I’m a little late. But this one grabbed me because it’s sort of the antithesis of the image I got of her at nine. I didn’t plan on it being the “official” one, but I like how the composition is similar to last year’s and I love that surprised little expression. It’s one she wears a lot.
On another note, this song! I love this song no matter what, but this year it is especially poignant. I have caught myself crying on more than one occasion when it comes on the radio. What a happy happy Christmas it is going to be for so many children who get their parents home safely from Iraq. I love this stripped down cover of the John Lennon song by Root Hub (listen for the birds in the background). I had to pull it out again from my holiday playlist. Check out his work. It’s lovely.

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