the eve

iphone photography on christmas eveThis year I think I might need to get over myself a little. I always want to keep my site clean and free of color images as well as snapshots. But this image taken on Christmas Eve might be my favorite of the year. Dorky footie pajamas are an annual tradition. My girls and their friend are snuggled in watching photos stream across the television right before “lights out”. It makes me happy and hopefully inspires you to take more shots with your camera phone in the coming year. This image was processed with Instagram. If you’re not familiar with their website, I recommend it highly. I just joined and it’s really fun and addicting. I also love to edit on my iPhone with Filterstorm and Snapseed. Both apps are worth kicking down the change for. I hope you all had a happy Christmas!

If you do have an account, you can create an Instagrid with your username and password so that non members can see your images. You can view mine here. You can also print posters and mini books through the site. Very cool stuff.

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