to the middle little

Trish Reda's best black and white portrait of childBest Lifstyle image by Trish Reda of 5 brothers. Two sets of Twins and the little middleI wonder about you, Middle Little. It’s not that you’re my favorite of the bunch. I don’t have favorites. Still, today I am talking to you. I wonder what it must be like to be the middle of 5 children. 5 boys. What is it like to be so delicately positioned between two sets of twin brothers?

Frankly, your disposition fascinates me. How quick you were to jump into action when I arrived. You seemed ready before I was. I was struck with how easy going you were with the chaos all around us. You popped in and out of the frame as if you knew what I was thinking….what I was seeing. I got the distinct feeling that you understood the urgency of our losing light. And we were losing light fast. I can imagine you being a great E.R. doctor someday. You handle pressure with grace and clarity. You have an instinct. An instinct that can’t be learned. This is your gift, Middle Little.

Is this easy going spirit you have a result of your birth order? A result of your unique placement in the family? Or were you born with it? Born with a wise and intuitive constitution the same as you were born with your lighter hair and eyes? Your mother’s sense of humor. That’s it too, right?. It must play a huge part in how you approach the world. She does have a sense of humor, that one.

You don’t need to answer me, Middle Little. I actually love marinating in the questions. The wondering is the best part. I just want you to know that I noticed you trying to go un-noticed. Someday, when you’re out in the world, these gifts of yours might often go without gratitude. By their nature, they are “under the radar”. They are quiet and understated but they are also powerful and important. You will make the world a better place with them. So today, I want you to know that I appreciate you and your distinct placement in this world.

Now, carry on with your big bad self.

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