Consider yourself warned.

Black and white portrait of five year old girl in kitchen atop old stove
side by side portrait comparison photograph of a girl at 5 and later at 18
black and white portrait of high school senior girl at union station
This is a public service announcement. What you see in these photographs is a cruel phenomenon that happens when you blink. Whatever you do.


For those of you who have been hanging with me since the beginning, you might remember these 2008 images. Summer’s senior portrait session was my first time seeing her since then. Her awesome blossom mother and I kept in touch, but not nearly enough to prepare me for the gut lump that is seeing one of your babies all grown up. Your babies are my babies too, didn’t you know?

I’m super grateful I got to document this young lady before she graduates high school, however, I’m still miffed. It’s not cool to go on and grow up like this without checking in with me first. Apparently, Summer didn’t get my memo.

So, Miss Summer, With my best attempts at retaliation, I pondered long and hard asking myself, “what-would-Gracie-hate?”. The best I could come up with is DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince. Congratulations beautiful one. I loved spending a day with you before you fly away.

You will set the world on fire. I know it.

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