Thank your mother

los-angeles-mothers-day-portraitThis should be a massive canvas leaning on the wall of the playroom. This photograph of you kills me. It’s a lot of things really. Your sneaky body language melting into the background. Your pack of littles smiling at me, unaware of your efforts to keep the background clear. These efforts of yours.  All so that your quad of munchkins can shine their brightest. If this isn’t a metaphor for motherhood…parenthood, I don’t know what is. So listen up here, Sister! Your kids may not ever completely grasp the magnitude of everything you do for them. If you’re lucky, they’ll each have 4 kids of their own and then…….maybe. It doesn’t matter really because you’ve never been in it for the accolades.  For this, Mamacita, I raise my 7th cup of coffee to you. You are the magic maker and this is the proof.  Happy early Mother’s Day.  You are quite excellent.

This is one of those family images that makes the world go round.

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