no matter the memory

I had a lot of favorite cards this year.  Some my own and many not at all.  But this was my favorite of the year.  Big brother’s messed with little sister right when we began our session.  She was rightfully PO’d.  I love their mom, because instead of trying to re-shoot or swap heads, she rolled with it.  And for the record, we got plenty of good ones.  But I think we often take the holiday card far too seriously.  If it feels a little stressy right now, my bet is that the memory will be even sweeter down the road.  This makes me smile big time.  And if there are any families with kids receiving this card, I’m sure it will put a smile on their face as well.  Can’t we all relate?
On another note, I’ve been slacking on my playlist over the past few days.  I’m updated through tomorrow now.  Check out the newest songs and please leave me your comments.  If you’re on the west coast with me, stay dry and safe.  Peace!

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