early bird

los angeles black and white of kids on furniture
Friday favorite. I have been photographing this family for about 5 years now. I can’t recall if I was early or if they were running a little late. But everybody was running behind a little. I relish moments like this. The kids were fresh out of the bath with slightly wet hair. I got a little alone time with them while mom and dad finished getting ready. This is my ideal situation. I get to be alone with the kids (who always behave a little differently than they do when mom and dad are watching). They are not quite ready yet, and still perfectly happy and natural. I got lots of images of them after everybody was ready. But this image taken before “the real” session started was by far my favorite. If you want more ideas on how to get better photographs of your kids, visit the Layla Grayce blog today where I contributed some advice. You will also find a discount code for Tiny Prints there. I guess it is true. The early bird gets the worm. Have a beautiful weekend everybody!

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