beautiful noise

candid portrait of kids with instruments
I just saw a holiday card from CoachArt and the words on the front were “make a beautiful noise”. I love that. It kinda has me thinking that this time of year our senses are bombarded with a lot of nonsense. Advertisements, traffic, honking horns in the Macy’s parking lot… catch my drift. Starting the day after Thanksgiving it seems that everything starts whizzing by at a faster clip. We’re rushing to decorate and put the lights up. As we are checking things off of our list, it seems that the “to do’s” keep rolling in like a stock ticker.
This time of year, I get a little emotional, so forgive my sap. But somewhere in the middle of all of the mayhem we all have beautiful noises in our lives. Newborn babies fussing, laughter and silliness, fire crackling in the fireplace and the music that takes us back to our childhood. For me it’s listening to Gracie’s beginning attempts to catch a note on her trumpet or listening to her singing along to Katy Perry behind her closed door. Some of these noises will be a constant in our lives. But a lot of them won’t. So before we get too deep into December I just wanted to send out a wish for you to stop and listen. Soak in the beautiful noises around you.

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