self portraits

creative self portrait from los angeles photographerSelf portraits aren’t really something that occur to everyone. For whatever reason, on my sessions lately I have been trying to get at least one shot that sneaks me into it (note shredded denim legs). I’m sure some therapist could figure out why I feel the need to do this. I don’t care so much about why, it’s fun! When you’re playing around with your camera and shooting your kids, try and find a way to sneak yourself into the images. Shoot into mirrors, christmas balls or puddles. Try shooting your shadows. Even shooting into sunglasses or from a refrigerator can be fun.
The first set of photos below, I really cherish. It was just Gracie and I next to a window with my camera set on a timer. They’re blurry and blown out and technically all wrong. Still, all I think of is wishing I had more.  These images are never going to be perfect, but what they’re lacking technically, they make up for with a little humor and DIY ideas for self portraits

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