Help me find them

Because wouldn’t you want it?

I love them and they have no idea.  They need to know.

I took this photograph, but I can’t take credit for it.  It doesn’t feel like mine the way others do.  It was shot on an iPhone, 5, for one.  This image was pure luck and walking past these two was nothing more than a gift.   I shared with friends on Facebook.  I blew it up to 30×40 and hung it above my mantle.  Yes, you actually can blow an iPhone photo up to a 30×40 if you need to.  I considered spray painting #GOALS in gold glitter on top of it,  but ultimately I left it alone.

You can’t bedazzle perfection.

I am just as obsessed with this image today as I was 4 years ago when I snuck it.  It gave me hope as I left an abusive husband.   It confirms that age is just a number.  It reminds me that life is short.  That love is, indeed, real.

Still, it conjures more questions in me than convictions. I want to know more about them.  I want to know everything.  I know it’s none of my business and in the end, I really just think they should have it.  If not them, then their kids should have it.

Humor me.  Help me find them.

Consider for a second that some random cat loving stranger has a 30×40 print of your parents just like this one hanging on her mantle.  Think of how much you’d want this photo of people you love if you knew it existed.  Welcome to one of the hells that keep me up at night.  It drives me when I’m helping you select your favorites.

When I sit with you and help you choose the images you are going to enlarge, often you’ll dismiss an image I love.  Usually, this photograph is the solo image of you with one or all of your kids.  It is often one of you alone.

You think you’ need to lose 10 lbs.
You think you look old.
You don’t like your hair.
You think an enlargement is unnecessary.
You break my heart.

And so I ask you,

“Wouldn’t you love to have a photograph just like this but of your mom with you?”

I ask this a lot because it changes your thinking really fast.  It’s a sales pitch I stand behind 100%.

I hate myself for not putting this out there earlier.  I let a loss of words keep me from trying. I worry it might be too late and it’s making me sick to my stomach.

I’m still at a loss for words but  I don’t feel remotely ok continuing my love affair with these people and enjoying this image, without trying to find them or their people.

Please share this with the information below.   Would you?  I once went viral for being a snarky sass.  I’d like to have a nicer reason to send something out into the universe.

I took this on June 16th, 2013 at Union Station in Los Angeles.
I have no idea where they are from or where they are going.
This photo was taken with my iPhone.  I printed and scanned a 10×12 print and then blew it up to 30×40.   Because of this, the literature and books are not legible and offer no clues.

Thanks in advance for your help.  Please share and enjoy the music while we wait.  Crossing my fingers.


© Trish Reda Photography, 2017