Dear Berkley,


Dear Berkley, You reminded me of my daughter at her age. A toddler perfectionist. The boss. I know yesterday didn’t go quite as you planned. In moments you felt like I was purposely defying you. When you needed me outside, I went in. When you wanted me inside, I tried to take you out. You wanted to wear both pairs of your daddy’s shoes (at the same time). Mission not accomplished. We got close, but we never caught the butterflies. Frank the lizard remains at large.

I hope you understand why I was unable to meet you in the bathroom at our designated time with the candy. Your mom hid it well plus both your mom and dad were watching me closely. I think they were suspicious I was looking to lift your dad’s Leica.

I know this isn’t as good as candy, Berkley, but I hope you like this photo of your parents. It’s proof of how much they love you.

if anything. You will always amaze them. Evidenced by their expressions as they watch you re-roll organized marbles back into lost positions on the floor. You hang the moon, lucky girl. Always know it.

I loved spending the day with you. Let’s do it again.

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