butch’s song

Sorry for the fuzzy quality. But it’s about the song.  Stick with me here.   I try not to be a name dropper.  My photographs are intimate and when I photograph anyone who is in the public eye, I am especially careful NOT to post the images or share stories about them.  I am not TMZ. I hate TMZ. So I feel weird. But when I did this shoot, knowing that dad was a musician, I had to ask of if he had a special song for his baby boy. He gave me this. What an unbelievable musical gift! The image quality is horrible because I have yet to learn the art of video editing. I don’t care. This melody is much too beautiful to wait for my skills to develop. I love you, Butch! Close your eyes and listen.

  • robynn munings - love love love love love!!! music and images………..it just doesn’t get better:)ReplyCancel

  • Kyle - The words resonate a father’s love and the wisdom he can pass onto his children, which this artist does in his song. An amazing song! Thanks for sharing. The photos are also beautiful. Glad I didn’t close my eyes. B&W is priceless.ReplyCancel

  • Mindy - Beautiful.ReplyCancel

  • dina marie - lump in throat.ReplyCancel

  • Trish - I appreciate your comments very much. Thank you!ReplyCancel

  • Amanda - I have to say this. I have been a huge fan of Butch for 13 years now and I have followed his career. He is a truly amazing person. I have had the chance to see him hundreds of times perform and I did get the chance to meet him. This video touches my heart so dearly. Butch deserves nothing but the best and seeing him with his little family just brings tears of joy to my heart. Love Love him! Amazing musician, songwriter, and producer. I am so happy I got to see this. You did such a great job.ReplyCancel

  • Gracie Miller - Hey Trish nice job and sweet song. Neither Breyne or I have any idea who Butch Walker is but its sweet.ReplyCancel

  • Niki Krupp - Hey Beautiful lady,

    I remember crying the first time you shared this with me in California and I cried again just watching! PERFECTION! Incredible music and knowing that I saw the images there as well….STUNNING work as always Trish. His words were perfect with your captures.

    I {heart} you and your amazing gift!


  • Karen - beautiful, beautiful song and images. Glad I didn’t close my eyes, images were sooo amazing with the song. You are such a talent. The song moved me to tears especially because I am always telling my son that it’s ok to cry… I LOVED it!!! Thanks for posting TMZ. j/k. xoxoReplyCancel

  • je - Phenomenal. The words. The sound. The images. (yes, I can look past the nascent video editing skills to see.

    Thank you for sharing.ReplyCancel