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This is Ava and Ruby as babies, and now big girls. To be clear, they are not bullies. One of them is going to be the peacemaker and the other one is going to kick some serious ass if you mess with her sister or her friends. I’ll let you figure out which one is which. As I think it’s going to go with this blog, I am going to write my ramblings and thoughts. Often times there won’t be much of a relationship between them and the photographs. Frankly,I don’t have much to say about my photographs. I just like to share them. I don’t think Ava and Ruby’s mom and dad will mind them being associated with this post. So here it goes.

There has been a lot of talk this week on the subject of bullying. My daughter, Gracie is in the 4th grade now. I have been astonished at how early and subtly it starts. It’s been a topic in our house since the 1st grade. Seriously, first freaking grade?! Without debate, bullies suck. But quite possibly what sucks even worse is apathy. For every bully out there, there are numbers more who see them inflict their torture from a safe distance. I am not particularly proud to say that for a time in elementary school, I was one of these kids. I saw harassment switch around to girls within my circle of friends. And although I didn’t participate, I didn’t stand up against it either. I just sorta watched it happen. It usually came in the form of rumors, gossip and teasing by way of the playground, slumber parties and 3-way calls. Now, bullying has gone viral. This is a very scary change from back in the day. Facebook and YouTube have now given bullies a platform to broadcast their meanness to the masses. The effects of it now are far more hazardous than ever.

As our kids get older it is a painful realization that we can’t be there to protect them all of the time. But you know what? They can protect each other. Call me Polly-Anna, but I think that if all of the “non-bullies” and “non-victims” stand up against these tyrants, most of the damage can be prevented. It’s a scary thing for a lot of kids to stand up loudly for what is right. I remember clearly. There are risks involved. It’s so much easier to just fly under the radar, especially during adolescence. It’s safe. But playing it safe now and going forward, can have disastrous and deadly consequences. It’s a new world. And it is true more than ever, that if you’re not part of the solution, you are part of the problem. So here is my proposal to you. I promise to do my best to teach my kid to stand up for yours, if you promise to teach yours to stand up for mine. Deal?

Spread the word. I love and appreciate your comments. Peace out.

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