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los ángeles photography iphonographyShot and edited with my iPhone

Considering that I work half of my life in my pajamas, I think that a self portrait a day is going to get boring, not to mention a little pathetic. For whatever reason, I have convinced my husband to grow and keep a beard over the last few months. He also received from me, a plethora of flannel plaid shirts for Christmas. So in going with my apparent lumberjack fetish, I have decided to make facial hair the theme of my photo a day project. From now on, these images are not going to appear on the blog home page, but reside on their own. The link for these images is in my menu above, “photo a day”. I also will make a point to tell you what I used to shoot and edit the images with. In this case, it was shot and edited on my iPhone and resized in Photoshop for better quality. Have I ever mentioned how much I love my iPhone? This is Bob, a friend of ours. I think his stashe is an awesome way to begin my year.

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