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This family. Over a decade. If you’ve been with me a while, you might remember.this one It’s always been one of my favorite mother’s portrait. I have a list a mile long I’m grateful for this job and my people are at the top. This year has been a big year for me. I could have filled my blog up with all of the sides by side comparisons of babies, who are babies no more. I love this brood ever so much.

Luckily I’ve got a good Botox lady

Trish Reda captures the beauty and innocence of childhood in portraits like this little freckle faced 5 year old. Trish Reda's beautiful images of children throughout their livesTrish Reda's awesome senior portraits. This one of freckle faced serious boyHigh School senior portrait of boy with red hair in color
This guy right here was one of my very first clients. His 2004 smirk is exactly the same as his 2017 smirk. Luckily for his mom and dad and me, he’s got two little brothers who aren’t quite as close to being up and out. I don’t think I need to use any words to tell you why I love photographing him so much. If you get bored, count his freckles and get back to me. I’m curious.

Dear Berkley,


Dear Berkley, You reminded me of my daughter at her age. A toddler perfectionist. The boss. I know yesterday didn’t go quite as you planned. In moments you felt like I was purposely defying you. When you needed me outside, I went in. When you wanted me inside, I tried to take you out. You wanted to wear both pairs of your daddy’s shoes (at the same time). Mission not accomplished. We got close, but we never caught the butterflies. Frank the lizard remains at large.

I hope you understand why I was unable to meet you in the bathroom at our designated time with the candy. Your mom hid it well plus both your mom and dad were watching me closely. I think they were suspicious I was looking to lift your dad’s Leica.

I know this isn’t as good as candy, Berkley, but I hope you like this photo of your parents. It’s proof of how much they love you.

if anything. You will always amaze them. Evidenced by their expressions as they watch you re-roll organized marbles back into lost positions on the floor. You hang the moon, lucky girl. Always know it.

I loved spending the day with you. Let’s do it again.

Consider yourself warned.

Black and white portrait of five year old girl in kitchen atop old stove
side by side portrait comparison photograph of a girl at 5 and later at 18
black and white portrait of high school senior girl at union station
This is a public service announcement. What you see in these photographs is a cruel phenomenon that happens when you blink. Whatever you do.


For those of you who have been hanging with me since the beginning, you might remember these 2008 images. Summer’s senior portrait session was my first time seeing her since then. Her awesome blossom mother and I kept in touch, but not nearly enough to prepare me for the gut lump that is seeing one of your babies all grown up. Your babies are my babies too, didn’t you know?

I’m super grateful I got to document this young lady before she graduates high school, however, I’m still miffed. It’s not cool to go on and grow up like this without checking in with me first. Apparently, Summer didn’t get my memo.

So, Miss Summer, With my best attempts at retaliation, I pondered long and hard asking myself, “what-would-Gracie-hate?”. The best I could come up with is DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince. Congratulations beautiful one. I loved spending a day with you before you fly away.

You will set the world on fire. I know it.

How to take a non awkward family portrait.

casual-unusual-family-portraitnot-awkward-family-photograph-hanging-outgrandma and grandchild lifestyle black and white
Trish Reda. Family sessions 101.
When client books, gather names and ages of all members in attendance. Aunts, uncles, grandkids. Brush over attire quickly explaining to them general guidelines about what looks good in black and white and what doesn’t. Explain to them that your Canon is programed to auto-detect and immediately delete any photographs with adults in matching clothing. Also explain to them that your sessions work best when the session is treated more like a casual family get together. Wine and snacks are encouraged as they help to make the family members forget that they are about to have their portrait taken.
Upon arrival, take your shoes off, put your camera bag down, accept the kind offer for a beverage and pop a cube of cheese in your mouth. As the family organizer introduces you to everybody, they will put their hand out for a hand shake. Hug them instead. Sit on the floor, pet the dog, play with the baby and little kids. Act like you’re the favorite cousin who they haven’t seen in years. The children will already be convinced. Staying focused on the dog and kids, you will hopefully miss any “WTF-who-is-this-weirdo?” glances some of the grown ups might be giving each other as you sit barefoot on the floor now asking the 5 year old about her boyfriend. Pull out your camera and start shooting.
This being reason #497 of why I hesitate to teach. You can’t teach crazy. It’s a gift and I’m super gifted.

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