better practice what you preach

Apparently, I missed quite a bit today and then “Ed” at nonamewebsite.com deleted my post on his page. I missed his response and so an opportunity to leave a thoughtful reply. I’m going to try and speak to what I think I heard he wrote.

Hi Eduardo. First, I’d like to thank you for publicly acknowledging my post on Facebook. I’ve spent far too many hours of my life with people who have done atrocious things to me. They’ve never apologized and then brilliantly find a way to put the blame back on me. I don’t think you did that, Eduardo so Kudos for your conscience. Seriously.

Second. It’s fair calling into question my public shaming of what you did. Why not just Email?

It takes a great deal of work to scan the web for my images. It’s the shittiest feeling you can imagine seeing your art all over various websites as if endorsements. After the stomach ache, I write letters or emails hoping people will do the right thing. 50% don’t. After that, I need to track these websites and make sure I get a response. If I don’t get a response, I need to locate their ISP’s and file a DMCA notice with them. Then I need to track and follow up with those. Hours of work when I’m the one being violated. The burden of proof and all that jazz. There is no payout. I’m not on some legal copyright gravy train, although sometimes I think I should be. As the saying goes, if I had a nickel…….

The payout for me is justice. I may look like a hateful bitch, but I’m not. For me, the justice is worth its weight in gold and a once in a blue moon public shaming is really nothing compared to the numbers of violations I find.

I’d love to know more about that voice inside of people. The one that tells, otherwise decent people, that it’s ok to steal music, movies, photographs, videos and people’s words. How do they tell themselves that it’s not as bad as shoplifting that Louis Vuitton handbag at Nieman’s? Know what? It’s worse actually because at least Louis has been paid for his design by Nieman’s and Nieman’s has big insurance policies in place to cover this kind of loss. Not justifying theft ever. Just say’n…. The artists above rarely have the funds to fight and the process of protecting yourself is really just a Google version of Whack-A-Mole.

Eduardo, Your website and Facebook page WERE smattered with “¬©” symbols in front of many of your posts. You know copyright. There are innocent mistakes and I have no interest in taking down some sleep-deprived new mommy blogger. I do, however, want that mommy blogger to know.

We all hold you to a highter standard, Eduardo so your misstep has now served to educate the next person who really doesn’t know better.

You present yourself as an authority on what makes a good husband, a good father… a good man. In between your unsolicited, holy advice is a website decorated with stolen photographs.

The hypocrisy is so good, I want to set it to music and sing it to the world. With marshmallows.

And on that. My smug amusement at your hypocrisy isn’t anti-Christian, even though the heated discussion did start sounding like it. Let me be clear. I’m an equal opportunity pointer-outer. I am not anti-Christian. I am anti-charlatan.

Christian, Mormon, Muslim, Athiest, Jewish, or Buddhist. whatever. The loud mouth humans who primarily preach with an all knowing authority about things that can’t be known are the ones who have created and are perpetuating negative stereotypes.

If anything, I’d like to protect my loving religious friends from the stereotype you are reinforcing. Similar to what terrorists are doing to the majority of decent Muslims around the world.

Last I looked It’s Trump/Clinton 41%/44%. Trump wants to alienate all Muslim people in our country based on this erroneous line of thinking. Yours is minor, but it affected my life and I won’t apologize for pointing out the hypocrisy.

You see Eduardo, if I happened on your blog sans my stolen photograph, I’d still pin you down with questions. Hearing (or reading) your self proclaimed authority and special understanding of God gets me fired up. Anyone who speaks or writes as if he can get you in with God or
sweet talk you into being a better human is begging for scrutiny. I tend to trust the quiet “lead by example” types. And thank goodness because if I didn’t think this way, I might be at a $5000 hut somewhere with my ex husband and Darryl Anka

The kicker in all of this? It’s almost a miracle that you chose an image of mine to endorse your words. It’s bad enough you lifted my image without permission, but THEN you used it to decorate a blog post about how women need to submit to their husbands because only MEN are ordained by God to be spiritual leaders…. If that were true… like I said… Darryl Anka.

The moral in this rant. Don’t steal. Don’t check your brain at anyone’s landing page. Mine included.

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